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My sleepwize products are as important for your cozy sleep as frosting for a cupcake .We believe that The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night's sleep that mostly comes by using our precious sleepwize products ~

Calming Items For Kids

CoolKid Weighted Vests
  • Weighed Eye Mask

    Soft weighed Eye Mask gives you calming feeling .

  • Aroma Candles

    Aromatherapy candles can helps to energized, and put mind in a more productive mode.

  • Anxiety calming fleece

    Weighted anxiety fleece vests improve dogs quality of life .

  • Plush Weighted Blankets

    Plush weighted blankets promote relaxation and help with sleep.

Why My SleepWize?

My SleepWize is a company that focuses on combating anxiety, stress and sensory overload for adults and children with our weighted products. Many individuals, adult and children, suffer from anxiety, stress or sensory overload. When people feel calm and experience good sleep, they tend to feel better mentally and physically. as a result , they perform better!  We believe tomplan a better tomorrow we have a calm mind which come after a peaceful sleep. So sleep with My SLEEPWIZE will offer a tremendous product for your comfort zone