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SleepWize comfort collection! Enjoy the calming effect and deep touch pressure of our weighted products. Our products helps relieve stress, alleviate anxiety and improves sleep. Works great for all individuals, especially those that are on the autism spectrum, experience anxiety, have trouble sleeping, diagnosed with ADHD, etc.


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Why SleepWize?

SleepWize is a company that focuses on combating anxiety, stress and sensory overload for adults and children with our weighted products. Many individuals, adult and children, suffer from anxiety, stress or sensory overload. Our products will apply deep pressure to the body creating a sense of calm, which allows individuals to relax and/or sleep better. When people feel calm and experience good sleep, they tend to feel better mentally and physically. As a result, they perform better! 

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Our products are clinically designed to bring you the feeling of contentment from lifting the pressures of the day to providing a sense of tranquility.

SleepWize weighted products will


Purchase our blankets and vests to combat stress, calm anxiety, improve sleep along with many more benefits!

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