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Anxiety Chew Toy

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Your dog’s health and hygiene are of paramount importance – so let us help you ensure that!

Make sure your precious doggie’s health is in tip-top condition with our doggie anxiety and dental hygiene chew toy! This innovative dog chew toy is made with soft, durable TPR rubber, and designed with jagged molar bumps distributed throughout the chew to effectively remove dirt, food, and stones from your dog’s incisors! Additionally, crushed puppy snacks can be placed inside the chew to let your dogs have a quick snack anytime! This chew toy also comes with a cotton bite rope for added durability and ensuring your dog’s molar is kept healthy for years to come! 


  • Helps to strengthen your dog’s teeth and protect against oral diseases
  • Habitual chewing helps to relieve anxiety and promote mental calmness
  • Contains inner and outer isles that contour to canine molars for optimal cleaning
  • Easily apply dog toothpaste or attractant for effective cleaning


  • Material: TPR Rubber
  • Size: 45cm

Package Includes:

  • 1* dog hygiene chew

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